Frank Caron


Hi. My name is Frank, and I love helping technical teams and team leaders use software to build better businesses.

I like to describe myself as a scribe, curator, organizer, and collaborator. Those are all just really euphemisms to dress up my OCD, which manifests as a compulsive need to write stuff down, talk stuff out, and get stuff done.

I am currently living and working in New York City with my wonderful wife Vanessa. I've previously lived and worked in Toronto, Waterloo, San Francisco, and almost Berlin.

I come from a background in software development. This experience has been complemented over the years with a passion for information architecture as it applies to both user and developer experience.

Frank is very skilled with a strong technical background, but he is also extremely articulate and has a very sharp eye for design and interface.
Sean Lynch, Census

I've spent more than a decade working as a technical product manager and a product marketer. I've managed and taken to market upwards of $100M in product, and I've shipped a lot of shit to a lot of different customers. Most of the battles were hard-fought; few were sexy.

Frank is a superstar product manager, writer and hacker. It's truly rare to find someone with a blend of technical knowhow, deep passion for collaboration, and award-worthy writing and communication skills. He's never afraid to speak his mind, challenge status quo and push to get the right thing done for all of our stakeholders.
Mladen Rangelov, Shopify

Contrasting these technical skills is my formal education and a wealth of experience as a professional writer. From technical doc to editorial feature writing, product requirements to product reviews, I am proud to be a flexible and versatile writer, with a half-decent business acumen to boot.

Frank is a conscientious, detail-oriented and hard worker. He writes with personality and flair.
Eric Bangeman, Ars Technica

Rounding out the package is a dollup of sales skills gained during four years and $80M closed as a sales engineer. With a little bit of storytelling, some coding, and a lot of slide deckin', I helped to close customers with conviction.

He is one of the best Product Marketers and Solution Engineers I’ve ever worked with.
Khushwant Singh, Salesforce

All told, I love all things digital and automation, and if I believe in your company, I'm all in: days, nights, and weekends.

He has a passion for his craft, and his focus and dedication keeps him on the top of his game.
Joseph Ganetakos, Ubisoft

And that's me.


I'm all over the web these days, so if you want to learn a little bit more, feel free to peruse the following or just Google me. I'm the world's foremost expert on being Frank Caron, according to my search index ranking.


Got a sec for a story? Fancy a feast of fictitious flights of fancy from fading talent? Fast not.


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