writer at large

Frank Caron


Hi. My name is Frank, and I'm a freelance writer. I specialize in technical product marketing.

Over the years, I've provided my clients with all manner of written content—from well-researched blog posts, white papers, and clever tweets to extensive API documentation and actionable implementation guides.

I have a wealth of technical, editorial, and creative writing experience in authoring proposals, product descriptions, whitepapers, technical API docs and SDK guides, blog posts, feature articles, op-eds, interviews, essays, and more.

My craft has been learned, and honed, over the last 10 years working as a marketer, technical writer, and product manager for various technology product companies, where all of building, selling, and marketing the products I worked on came under my reign at one point or another.

I am available for one-off and short-term contract work upon request. Rates vary based on engagement and can be hourly or project-based.


I have written a ton over the years, across various mediums and in various formats. While much of my commissioned work is not publicly attributed, I do have a private portfolio I can share with interested prospects.

To get a sense of my writing style, I would highly recommend checking out my personal Medium blog as well as content like that found on the product blogs of Loopio and TouchBistro.

Past Clients


If you're interested in connecting, please reach out to me via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. I'd be happy to get together for a no-stress chat to discuss your unique opportunities, whether with me at your side or in collaboration with one of the many great creative or technical talents in my network.