Scribe. Curator. Organizer.

I'm not your average tech writer, nor business analyst, nor product manager. I have a passion and a knack for authoring, curating, distributing, and retaining knowledge in both start-up and enterprise tech companies—and I live to accelerate growth, facilitate ops excellence, and limit liability.

Elevator Pitch

My name is Frank, and I am an enterprise knowledge management specialist and seasoned writer with a passion for software. I specialize in capturing, authoring, curating, and managing enterprise knowledge to improve the product development process and to limit liability as talent comes and goes.

Scaling software companies isn’t easy in an agile world. Documentation is always an after thought, yet a lack of strategy and foresight in both capturing and retaining key knowledge at an early stage can be toxic as an org scales — especially in Canada, where ambitions of SR&ED claims can lead start-ups to bank on money they’ll never actually get.

In my experience as a technical writer and product manager at various start-ups turned venture-backed and even public, I’ve come to understand what it takes to set a business up for success. Now, I help companies to introduce, refine, and manage frameworks and tools for enterprise-caliber knowledge management.


I come from a background in application development and programming, particularly for the web. This is supplemented with a strong passion for user interface design, visual presentation, and information architecture.

Frank is very skilled with a strong technical background, but he is also extremely articulate and has a very sharp eye for design and interface.

Sean Lynch, Dropbox

Contrasting these technical skills is my formal education and a wealth of experience as a professional writer. From technical documentation to feature writing, product scoping to product reviews, I am a flexible and versatile writer and analyst with a strong business sense.

Frank is a conscientious, detail-oriented and hard worker. He writes with personality and flair.

Eric Bangeman, Ars Technica

Rounding out my skill-set is a dabbling of experience in marketing and public relations, which has helped me understand how products can be successfully taken to market. The cherry on the sundae? A limitless font of passion and unwillingness to accept the bare minimum drives me in everything I do.

He has a passion for his craft, and his focus and dedication keeps him on the top of his game.

Joseph Ganetakos, Ubisoft

And that’s me.


Craving more? The site’s nav bar has you covered. Services, as you might expect, details the services I provide. At Work covers the essentials of my professional side, while At Play deals with my personal life and etcetera. And if you’re curious about what has me interested at the moment, look no further than my Blog.

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